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Hanjin Elevator started its activities in 2016 in the city of Sulaymaniyah - Kurdistan region / Iraq, and it became one of the leading elevator companies in a short time in the supply, installation and maintenance of elevators, and interest in high quality and competitive prices. Hanjin Elevator has achieved great growth by working hard to establish a good reputation, reliable service, and offer competitive prices. It became a well-known name among elevator companies in the Kurdistan Region. 

Advantages of the Hanjin  Elevator Company 
    The Company is one of the best elevators companies in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and it has many unique and distinctive features as it is one of the leading companies specialized in the supply, installation, and maintenance of elevators. Provide a full team of technicians and specialists in the process of maintenance and installation of elevators.
Provide a full team of technicians and specialists in the process of maintenance and installation of elevators 
Signing warranty, replacement and maintenance contracts for all works 
Providing original and imported spare parts 
Ensure that elevator parts conform to international technical specifications 
Inspecting the elevator and testing it before turning it on and delivering it. 
Carrying out preventive maintenance procedures on a regular monthly basis. 

We know very well that elevators are like other devices that are frequently consumed and used. They need maintenance permanently to ensure their safety and work at a high efficiency and speed. They also always need cleaning to ensure their luster and maintain their general external appearance as they are the facades of companies, homes, and Elevators have become one of the basic pieces that are found everywhere and are consumed more in public and large places such as government institutions, hotels and hospitals, as well as currently in villas and homes. 
We are here to help you with every step along this journey, from pre-order questions to elevator installation and elevator readiness for use from Korean, Chinese, , machinery (origin and manufacture, cab design and cabin flooring (marble - granite - ceramic)). call the best company Elevators in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. We are here to serve you, for your convenience, and with free maintenance for a year starting from the date of operation, call now on the number (07701569609)(07725181376). 

  • Vision

    We are seeking to bring all the new and high-quality elevator brands to our market and adapt everything new in the world of elevators.

  • Our Goal

    Hanjin Elevators is looking to be a leading elevator company in the new markets in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

  • Our Values

    Quality, Commitment, Reliability.